11 Giggle-Worthy Facts About Kolkata

Facts About Kolkata: There’s one thing about the city of joy, Kolkata (Calcutta sounds better, isnt it?), it is an inherently sweet place to be. In the luka-chhipi of monotony, it gives you a loud dhappa!

So, we tried to scribble down a few points that every Kolkatan relates to and every NRI (Non Rosogolla Indian) feels nostalgic about it.

Giggle-Worthy Facts About Kolkata

1. Change is always a problem here. Always!

Be it poriborton or khuchro taka 😀
One thing that strikes your eyeballs is posters of change(poriborton), literally everywhere. And quarrels with auto/buswala for change (coins).
What agenda did we vote for, again?

2. Chul and baal are two different words

You can use chul for hair and you can use ‘baal’ for, well don’t. 😀
Lyadh (laziness), Ghyama (awesome), chaap (tension) are the three words using which you can successfully speak kolkatan bango-bhasha effortlessly.

3. Ilish mach is the national mach of Kolkata.

facts about Kolkata

Fish is the staple food here, and if you get your hands on Ilish maach, you can :

i. Get a promotion, if boss likes the sorshe ilish bou maa prepared.
ii. Get a bou, if sasuri likes the bhapa ilish your maa prepared.

4. The Pujo Rush

If Kolkata was a college, there is no bigger alumni meet than Durga Pujo.
No doubt, the tickets for trains, flights, dragon-backs and flying carpets are all booked out during the month.
Also, Saraswati puja (Goddess of Education) is marked by couples mushing all over the city. It is also known as Bengali Valentines Day. What is the relation between that and education? Dude! Why else do you think parents sent you school for? 😀

5. Everybody is everybody’s dada here.

From your boss to your boyfriend. Don’t be shocked if you hear Sundori Komola saying ” Panchu da, I labh you.”

6. Political views are the start point of every damn conversation.

Even in pubs – ” Waiter! 4 beers, please. Budweiser, sir? No for karl’s sake, hotobhaaga! Get us carlsberg, we are marxists”
You could even get laid with that incredible art.
Like- ” Hey babe, communist? Yeah, me too. Your place or mine? ”

7. For the love of rosogolla!

Here, since always, girl = boy, science = arts, rich = poor, but rosogolla = heaven. If you add ‘Nalen Gur’ to that, dude! bongorgasms!!
Jokes apart, Rosogolla is also a registered currency here. You could buy shoes exchanging mishti. No, don’t try that. Just kidding.

8. Sourav Ganguly is a Family Member

You won’t find Sourav Ganguly’s fans here. He’s family. To everyone. He can clear traffic jams. He can stop riots. Bring tornado.
Quoting him. “Isiliye log mujhe baap nahi, dada kehte hai“. Did you hear that Greg? You chappel chor 😛

9. East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan.

No, not tribal wars. Though, none less. Everybody knows football so intricately, they’d shy Pele out. From EPL to ISL, the suggestions just keep growing.

10. Monkey Cap – The Winter Soldier

Winter is coming. Well that’s signalled by colorful monkey caps! From stud to dadu, monkey cap industry thrives for Bengal.

11. Here names break hearts.

Your new roommate’s name Soumya! You imagine stars and skies. Get shaved, hide your magazines, even go to Sai baba mandir and thank him. Later, you see Soumya’s a guy. WTF! You are like all shattered! Why sai baba! Why?
Aaaaaand nick names! Bhombol. Bhuto. Ghotu. Laltu. Bumba. Funniest, weirdest nicknames ever. Go ahead, find out the nickname of any bangali bondhu of yours and have a time of your life.

Did we miss any Giggle Worthy Facts about Kolkata? if yes, please let us know if the comments and we will try add them in this article (we might add your name as well).

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