Activities during Lockdown

7 Activities during Lockdown/Quarantine that are Fun and can help you in Future

COVID-19 or Corona Virus has changed the world completely i.e. the way we use to work, travel, shop, enjoy, fun or do any activities. To prevent the spread of governments globally has implemented Lockdowns restricting everyone in their homes. Now in many places, the lockdown has been lifted but the world is not going to be the same as before.

Many places where we use to visit or go for relaxation or enjoyment are still closed or opened with restrictions; you are not sure if you are going to get the same experience or not. If I say in other words, you will be spending a lot of time at home even after lockdown is over as until we have a cure or Vaccine for COVID-19 going out to public places like restaurants, Malls, GYM, etc is a risky decision; even if you go there will be many restrictions and rules to maintain social distancing, hygiene etc.

Activities during Lockdown/Quarantine

In the last couple of months, most people have been at home only; many are working from home but there is no means of entertainment of activities which can be done then regular household work. Result of this, many of us have diverted the time to watch NetFlix, Amazon Prime, or any other OTT Platform. Today via this article we will try to list different activities during lockdown or post lockdown that you can do as well which will help you to utilize your time.

Explore the Space

Google Sky in Full Screen

After ISRO’s attempt for Landing on the moon to recent SpaceX Commercial Launch, space exploration has become a topic of interest and discussion with everyone. Google Sky is another service by Google where you can explore the sky, galaxies, etc. Another really cool website is – learn constellations and explorer more about space.

Create Vision Board

vision board is a visualization tool that refers to a board of any sort used to build a collage of words and pictures that represent your goals and dreams. Vision boarding is a great way to get clear on your goals and motivate yourself to bring them to life.

If you are not sure how to create a vision board, read this article.

Plan your Top 5 Dream Trips

Currently, the travel industry is at a halt but it will not remain the same. During normal times, we always say that we don’t get time to plan a trip but now you have plenty of. So list down 5 to 10 destinations where you want to go, how you can go, hotels, things to do, etc so that once the lockdown is over you can start executing the plans.

Visit Museums

Yes, you read right we are suggesting you visit the museums but not physically but Virtually. With Google Art & Culture you can visit to any famous Museum online and checkout read about famous art or sculptures online. If you are a true art lover then you will find these more interesting then any web series :).

Create your Budget & Financial Planning

Many are working from home right now but there are many who doing nothing at home. For both type of people its a good opportunity to create a budget and do financial planning. Due to lockdown, expense on restaurants, fast food, travelling has became or near to NIL so we can plan our expense post lockdown gets over and be more financial sound.

Self-Improvement with TED Talks

Go to TED Talks and you can find thousands of videos by many famous personalities who have done an incredible job in their field. Tune to anyone or your favorite topic and listen to leaders.

Online Networking

As everyone is at home, you can focus on building you professional network via LinkedIn or any other Professional network. Make sure not only to connect with them but try to engage with them. This network building might be helpful in future.

Below is list of few more activities which you can do

  • Listen to a Podcast
  • Learn an old or new Instrument
  • Learn a new Language
  • Learn how to repair household appliances (at least small one)
  • Have a Board Game Night with your family.
  • Try making a different paper planes.

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