‘Tapori’ Mumbai: slang words you must know if you are new to Mumbai

Tapori Mumbai: slang words you must know if you are new to Mumbai

Tapori Mumbai Slang

E dil hai aasan jeena yaha.. suno mister, suno bandhu, ye hai Bombay meri jaan

YES, it is absolutely easy to live in Mumbai if you understand our tapori language. One of my non-Mumbaikar friends asked me ‘tapri pe mil matlab kaha pe?’.

So, these few bambaiyyaa words for my all those non-mumbaikar friends who are now a part of this Mumbai-family. And of course, my Mumbaikar public already know all these tapori Mumbai slang words. so here it goes-


Public is nothing but a group of people or friends. This is the most common word Mumbaikar use to refer a gang of close friends.

tapori Mumbai


‘Bantai or Bhai’ simply means a brother or a friend. Bantai is mostly used for close friends but guys call each and every guy friend ‘Bhai’. No need to know his name, Bhai is enough. For e.g. Kya Bantai? Or Bhai kidhar? (how are you brother?) 😀

Bhsi Mumbai


Well, as Google says item means an object or a thing. But according to Mumbaikars or in tapori Mumbai language, an item is a pretty hot and beautiful girl.
For e.g. Bhai, Item dekh. (bro, look at that girl)

item babe mumbai


Normally ‘Ghanta’ means a bell of a temple or a school but in Mumbai it has different meanings like if you want to say LOL or a BIG NO then you can say ‘Ghanta’ instead of saying simply No.

For e.g. Person 1- are you done with your work/studies?
Person 2 ?GHANTAAA..!!!

Ghanta Mumbai


‘Pandu’ is a nick name given to Police officers by all Tapori Mumbai -kars. Even all police officers know their nickname now, (For. e.g. udhar se mat re, Pandu log rehte hai) but they don’t mind being called Pandu.

Because no matter what..we give nicknames only to those people whom we love..no? ;D #respect though 🙂

Pandu Mumbai


In simple Hindi language ‘Maa-behen’ means Mother and sister. But in Mumbai we use these words to show anger or to abuse people.
It is a way of saying ‘I am disturbed- dimag ki maa behen ho gayi hai‘. It simply means a person is angry or disturbed.

Maa Behan

Chindhi, Bhendi/ Khajoor Saala

Chindhi actually means a useless piece of cloth, bhendi means a ladies’ fingers vegetable and khajoor means ‘date palm fruit’ and ‘Saala‘ means brother-in-law in Hindi/Marathi language.
But in Mumbai, it is a way of saying someone ‘nonsense’ or ‘Dumb’. Its like we don’t need any ‘dictionary meanings’ to call someone dumb.


Chamdi/ Tharki

No, there is no exact explanation for this word, because ‘chamdi’ actually means skin but Mumbai people knows where to use it and for whom to use it. It is specially used for the guy who always talks and stalks everything about girls.



Tapri simply means roadside small shop selling tobacco, cigarettes or a tea stall. (gareeb logon ka ‘smoking zone’ :p )



Mumbaikar or in tapori mumbai language use this word to a person who act as a extra smart. There is a little bit sarcasm in this word.
For e.g Jyada shaana mat ban. (don’t be oversmart.) :/

Shana Mumbai


Parvadable is a desi broken english word mumbaikar often use for the things or stuff which are cheap priced and easy to buy.



This one is the most common word used by mumbaikars, Apun simply means ‘I, me and myself’ B)

Me Myself and I

Kalti maar/ kat le or vatakle

All these three words has the same meaning i.e. GET LOST or GET OUT. 😀


Maaldar is word especially used for the rich people. 😀


Chya maari!!!

Chya maari is the bambaiiyyaa version of ‘WTF’.

chyaa mari

Le bhari/Fatte/fultoo/sahi

This simply means ‘superb’ or ‘awesome’.

le bhari


Basically, this are the different route railway stations refer to the person having eyes that look in different directions.

karjat kasara

there are many more words like-

Khopcha– a corner.

Chappan tikli– A person with lots of pimples on his/her face.

Bahadur/Thapa– A watchmen or security guard usually from Nepal or east India.

Khaali-pili– For no reason. Like, khaali pili dimag ka dahi mat kar – don’t irritate/disturb me for no reason.

Chapti- A miniature (small bottle) of alcoholic beverage.

and this sentences which Mumbaikar use in their day-to-day life-

Dimag ka dahi mat kar (Literally means making curd of the brain), Dimag ko shot mat de./Dimag ki maa-behen mat kar. – 3 of these sentences simply means don’t disturb or irritate me.

Aaichya gaavat – LOL, I don’t know how to translate this one, if anyone would like to explain, please comment below. 😀

Did I missed something about tapori Mumbai slangs? Comment below and let everyone know your favorite ‘Mumbai slang’ or the word you often use in your conversation.

15 thoughts on “Tapori Mumbai: slang words you must know if you are new to Mumbai”

  1. You missed Chaa Mailaa, pantarr, and Mamu. I don’t know the interpretation of these. Please notify me about the follow-up or when you add interpretations of the above words. Ek aur baat, Karjat – Kasara kya hai, samjha nahi mai.

    1. Hello Karan,

      First of all thanks for your comment and suggestions. Below are the answers to your words:-
      Chaa Mailaa = same as “Chya maari” and sometime its like “Maa ki ********”
      pantarr = a person, sometime friend or sometime its just a random person.
      Mamu = made you fool, like tereko mamu banaya means “tujhye Ch****a banaya”

      Finally Karjat kasara mean two opposite directions like east west or north south.

    2. Pantar could be used in the same context as Public however Pantar is way more informal.

      Mamu means trying to make a fool of the other person.
      Example – Mamu mat bana mereko (bewakoof Naa banana)

      Karjat Kasara are two train stations which are in exact opposite directions. So its a rude slang for people who are clock-eyed.

  2. Aaichya gavat actually means mom’s village. The full sentence is Aichya gavat ani barachya bhavat. It is used when something is going downhill. When used only Aichya gavat it’s mostly WTF.

  3. Often, Mumbaikars use the suffix -ich after words like bahot, as in bahot-ich. What does it mean, and where is the suffix used normally?

    1. -ich comes from Marathi. It is difficult to explain, yet I will try. It is used similar to English -est, too and only. Like ‘only little bit’ in Marathi is ‘thodasach’, ‘too sweet ‘is ‘faarach god’, and so on. Now in Hindi suffix ‘hee’ is used similarly like thodahi, jyadahi, etc. Now we in Mumbai mixed this hee and -ch from Marathi to ich. So ‘there only’ is ‘udharich’, too good is bohotich achcha and so on.

    1. Macchi is actually a tamil slang which is originated from the word ‘Maccha’ which literally means brother in law or ‘saala’ , but is used as a slang for saying brother, friend ,yaar etc same like ‘ bantai ‘.

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