What if the Movie “Everest” was made in Bollywood

FUnsaCK Team has seen the Movie Everest which was based on true story of Mount. Everest 1996 tragedy where 8 people including Rob Hall and Scott Fisher lost their lives.  Till now whatever we knew about the Everest was through books (school) and documentaries only but this was the first time we have experienced the real threat faced by the climber and how many are left to die. We were really amazed and later had a discussion about how the movie would have been made by Bollywood.

Bollywood has already made movies based on true stories like Pan Singh Tomar, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Border, Guru and the latest Manjhi. On the basis of these movies, we have listed few things that you could expect if the Everest movie was made by Bollywood.



Bollywood love songs and music, producers and directors can add or include song anytime in the movie. It doesn’t matter which scene or situation is there Bollywood will have a song for that. In the Movie, we have spotted few areas where Bollywood could have added a song.

  1. Chopper Ride: Adventure Consultant Team takes Chopper ride and travels till the base camp which involves a long distance to be traveled by walk. During this complete scene Bollywood might have found a motivational song.
  2. Beck & Peach Weathers talk: Beck Weathers forgets about their Anniversary and receives Fax from Peach and calls her. After the call Beck becomes emotional and here Bollywood can have another song for this situation.
  3. Camp Party: Everyone was having party eve before they were going to start their journey to Camp II and this party would have been another area where Director could have a song (most probably sung by Rob Hall).
  4. Left for Dead: Bollywood movies are incomplete without a sad song which will perfectly fit when Rob Hall was alone near summit, Beck Weathers left to die near to Camp IV, Helan and team at base camp and Jan sitting in her office/home.

Background Stories:


We might have Amitabh Bachchan, Salman or Sharukh Khan etc. Narrating the Story or giving some background story behind each and every client of Adventure Consultants who were part of the team, especially Beck Weather with a Flash back of his life and personal issues with her wife.

Detailed Talks or discussions.


We could have seen many discussions/Talks in detail about climbing, how to use tools, how to take care of health and problems like Hypoxia. Also we could have expected a talk between Rob and Andy to keep them awake.

Motivational Speech


Bollywood version of the Movie will have a slot for Motivational Speech by the Lead actor to everyone who was part of the expedition

Item song:


At the end an item song sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Finally the movie length could be 3 to 3.5 hours with all these spices.

Please let us know if we have missed something in the comments.



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