Villain of the Century – Gabbar Singh – Amjad Khan

Villain of the Century – Gabbar Singh – Amjad Khan

Today remembering Amjad Khan on his 22nd death anniversary.

It was 1975 when film Sholay was released and even after 39 years,  it is special and one of the favourite movie of India. Gabbar Singh-  Amjad Khan- We can call him as a villain of the century. He played a role of dacoit Gabbar Singh in the 1975 classic film of Bollywood, Sholay.  The character of Gabbar is one of the most popular character of the Bollywood industry. Actor Danny Denzongpa was the first choice but then role went to Amjad Khan, as Danny’s dates were given away to another movie. He prepared himself for the role of Gabbar by reading the book Abhishapta Chambal.

Amjad Khan had command over English, Persi and Urdu. He was great actor and the way he played a role of Gabbar Singh, I think nobody is capable to do the same. Amjad Khan shot to stardom with the movie. He was a superhero for his friends, family and other people. He was famous for his helping nature.

In an interview given to one of the newspaper Amitabh Bachchan said, “He voluntarily helped people. Not just friends, people. I know for sure that there were several occasions when he would work in a project purely because it would bring someone out of financial trouble, knowing too well that the project would perhaps be harmful for his own commercial standing. In the very selfish and materialistic environment of today’s world, it was hard to believe that someone would actually risk his reputation for an unknown.”
In 2011, Amitabh Bachchan told a contestant in his Kaun Banega Crorepati TV show that when Amjad Khan, visited their home, his son Abhishek Bachchan ran to him and said papa, Gabbar singh aaya hai, and Bachchan had to convince his son that Gabbar was just a character played by Khan..


Amjad Khans family
Amjad Khan with his family


In 1972, he married Shehla Khan. In an interview given to a media she said, “Amjad loved kids. Not just his, but everyone else’s too. While his kids were treated like prince and princess by him, he always kept his eyes and ears open for the children of friends, relatives and even strangers. After Amjad’s death, his family was visited by a lady who came over to share their grief with gratitude. She informed the family that Amjad had helped her in tracking her son. Born with special abilities, this lady’s son had gone missing from Mumbai. She approached Amjad Khan and he followed the issue up with his friends in the police, tracked the kid in Hyderabad (family is unsure of the location) and got him back. ”


Amjad Khan's increasing weight
Amjad Khan’s increasing weight


In 1986, he and Shehla met with a serious accident on the Mumbai-Goa road and were hospitalized for three months. After visiting him in the hospital, Satyajit Ray offered him the role of Wajid Ali Shah in Shatranj Ke Khiladi & remarked,” If there is no Amjad Khan, there is no Wajed Ali Shah in Satranj Ke Khilari”.

The drugs administered to him during his treatment caused a serious weight problem for the rest of his life. Because of his increasing weight, he died in 1992 after suffering from heart failure at the age of 51. Several of the films he had completed were released after his death, right until 1996.



Some of his most famouse dialogues:

“Kitne aadmi the”

“Holi kab hai, kab hai Holi?”

“Ab tera kya hoga Kalia?”

“Jo dar gaya, samjo margaya”

“Yeh haath hum ko de de, thakur”

“door gaanw me jab bachcha raat ko rota hai to maa kahti hai beta soja.. soja nahi to gabbar singh aa jaayega. “



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