Things only hardcore foodies will understand.

People all over the world are obsessed with food but not all will choose food over people, work or feelings. Feelings? do you have any? because people like you can only feel the ‘feeling of hunger’. Even when you say ‘WTF’ all you really mean is ‘where’s the food’, isn’t it? Sometimes hunger causes a negative change in your behavior and you even get Hangry- a state of anger caused by lack of food. You have the simple logic that is ‘Good food Good mood’. Because food is your life and so you choose food over almost everything There is nothing else in this world more important to you than food. In fact, food is your lover, food is your friend, food is your family. You don’t need anything else and if anyone were to dare get in between you and your food, they would DIE. Like seriously. Food is in your priority list.

There are 3 types of food lovers-

1- Food loving frienemy :

Deep down you love food more than people but you feel guilty about it so you’re always trying to avoid situations where you don’t have choose between the two. You like to be prepared by making sure you always have food for yourself and others, that way no one will ever know that you would secretly save a sandwich over them any day.

funsack food 3

2- Friendly Foodie:

Food and people are equally important, in fact, your ideal situation would be to have both things together all the time. You love sharing your love for food with others, and you’ll glad split your pizza, because as long as you’re having some, that’s all that matters.

funsack food 2


This type of people are not only obsessed with food but they are possessive for the same. They like to eat alone because they can’t share their plate with anyone else.

funsack 4 food joey

And here is what you do and think in different situations when it comes to food-

  • You hate it when your friend asks for a one bite from your plate.

funsack food lover 5

  • You think about other food plates while eating and all you think about is next meal.

funsacl food lover 6

  • Your life’s equation is ‘Happy moment= Food. Sad moment= Food. No moment= Food’.

funsack foodie food lover 7

  • You never post pictures of food you had on social media because, you are too hungry to click pictures.

funsack food 8

  • You attend family function just because of food. If there is no food there is no You.

funsack food 9

  • Your fantasies are about food food and only food. Because food is love, food is Bae.

funsack foodie 10

  • Sometimes you search food images on google and for you ‘Delicious’ is just a mouth watering word.

funsack 11 food

  • You scedule of eating is like Breakfast, pre-lunch, Lunch, post-lunch, pre-dinner, dinner, post-dinner and mid night snacks etc.

funsack foodie 12

Veg or non-veg, restaurant or street.. Food Is Life. <3



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