International Women’s Day and Sahir Ludhianvi.

          ‘Abdul Hayee’ popularly known by his pen name ‘Sahir Ludhianvi’ was an Indian poet and film lyricist. He born on 8 march 1921 in a Muslim family at Ludhiana, Punjab. His words influenced Indian cinema especially Bollywood films. He won the Filmfare award for the movie Taj Mahal (1963) and second filmfare award for the movie ‘kabhie Kabhie (1976)’. In 1971, he was awarded with the ‘Padma shri’. Sahir saab never wrote about the imaginary beauty of women or god, but he wrote about the bitter yet sensible truth of the society, senselessness of the war and politics.

Today, 8th of march is celebrated as an International Women’s Day. We appreciate the presence of all the women on this day and praise them with gifts, poems and good wishes. But what about all those women who are still living as a victim? who lost the battle? and didn’t get justice? Why are we even ‘Celebrating’ this women’s day today? When a day before ‘International women’s day’ a women somewhere getting raped…

6th March 2017- A 24-year-old physically and mentally challenged woman got pregnant after she was repeatedly raped allegedly by a neighbor at her house in Hinjili in Ganjam district.

7th March 2017- Seven minor girls at an orphanage in Kerala have alleged being raped over a period of two months.

          ‘8th March  the special occasion of “International Women’s Day’ and  Sahir saab’s 96th birth anniversary, here is the eye-opening poetry by ‘Sahir Ludhianvi’ which explains the real situation of women in India.

1-Woman gave birth to men
And men gave her the marketplace
To crush and trample at will
To reject and cast off at will
Woman gave birth to men

woman and poetry

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2- She is weighed somewhere in dinars
And sold somewhere in bazaars
She is made to dance naked
In the courts of the debauched
She is that dishonored creature
Who is shared out between the honorable
Woman gave birth to men…

woman and poetry

3- The lips which gave them love:
They traded those very lips
The womb in which their bodies were formed:
They reduced that womb to mere merchandise
The body from which they grew, like buds:
They shamed and abased that body
Woman gave birth to men…

woman and poetry
Author : Simon de Trey-White

4- The customs that men created
Were given the name of rights
The burning alive of a woman
Was decreed to be sacrifice
In return for purity she was given bread
And even that was called a favour
Woman gave birth to men…

woman and poetry
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5- Every disgrace in this world
Is nurtured in the lap of hardship
The path that begins in hunger
Leads inevitably to the brothel
It is often the lust of men
That takes shape in the sin of women
Woman gave birth to men…

woman and poetry
source :

6- Woman is the destiny of the world
But she is still the one abased by fate
She bears reincarnations and prophets
But she is still the Devil’s daughter
This is that ill-fated mother
Who lies on the bed of her sons
Woman gave birth to men…

woman and poetry

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Happy Women’s Day to each and every woman who is fighting battles and struggling with her life. And, Happy Birthday To ‘Sahir Saab’.



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