Some out of box reasons for why I love winter.

I remember my childhood, in school exams whenever they asked to write about my favorite season, I used to write about winter because of Diwali and Christmas vacations. In colleges all things remained same only winter became romantic and a reason for remembering and missing someone special. As years passed winter remain my favorite but now I have some different reasons to celebrate this season.


Bass 5 minute aur

You get readymade and socially accepted reason for your Aur 5 Min Wali Nind as it is winter and nobody wants to get out from their blanket.


Bye Bye to all home lizards

Yes it is winter and time to say bye to lizards as they are cold blooded animals and don’t have internal heating capabilities. So, when winter comes, they are forced into hibernation and we don’t see many lizards. For People like me who are scared of lizards, winter is a time to relax as no lizard is going to give surprise visit to your house at least for winter days.


Gajar ka halwa

You couldn’t find a person in india who don’t like Gajar ka halwa. Winter is a season where all veggie markets are full of fresh gajar (carrot). So, gajar ka halwa nahi khaya to winter kya celebrate kiya?


No more Pimples

No sweating, no oily face and No pimples. At least for some days you get pimple free and glowing skin. That pink glow on your cheeks because of cool weather has no comparison with any costly and branded make up kit.


No need to iron your t-shirt

Only lazy people like me can understand the pain of ironing of your clothes at home. In winter you can skip this stage while going out, as we put some extra winter protections like sweaters, scarf and jackets on our t-shirt. So nobody is going to notice that wrinkles on your t-shirt.


Skipping bath

Don’t feel guilty if you think you are doing something weird by skipping your bath in winter. In one of the interview wife of Aamir khan, Kiran Rao said, “The one thing that I don’t like about Aamir is the fact that he doesn’t take a bath and his bathing habits are not very regular.” So, you are not only one who is doing this. Mr. Perfectionist also prefers to skip his bath sometimes.




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