Men will be men.. Its “Y chromosome” which makes them “MAN”

Men will be men


Yes, Men will be men. No matter how hard you try, you cant change the “Y chromosome” which makes them “MAN”. Starting from their inability of differenciate the Magenta Pink and Carnation pink, to their Corrupt memory card in a brain. It is difficult to deal with men. Don’t trust me?  then just check out below list of videos.

The seeming inability of men to remember important things continues to be a major cause of pain in relationships and a leading cause of sleeping alone.

Do men observe all the women around them?




Let’s face it.. For all wives Cricket is a bitch.



It’s a time every man will find himself in at one point in his life. Such acts make a complete idiot of yourself while you are at it.




Possession is Part of relationship.




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