Just a cigarette? Every smoker should read this.

Just a cigarette? Every smoker should read this.


I was just surfing about ‘smoking’ on the internet and there were so many articles like ‘How to Avoid Getting Caught Smoking by Your Parents’ or ‘my parents found out that I smoke cigarette, what should I do now?’ Itna hi darte ho toh smoke q karte ho bhai?

We all know and have heard about the ‘quit smoking’ campaigns, seminars, websites, messages and so on that continuously tells us to stop smoking because it causes cancer. There is always a statutory warning at the beginning of the film or warning that pop-up whenever character in movie lights up a cigarette, saying –

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Young people in India our so-called ‘Youth’ and the future of India is getting addicted to smoking. Do you even know what cigarette is made of? and the answer is obviously ‘Who cares?’. If a person ate one box of cigarette, he/she would die because it contains 4000 cancer causing chemicals like  nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. Nicotine is a strong poisonous drug which is dangerous for physical and mental health as it is highly addictive also, bug sprays that we use to kill insects or bugs contain nicotine. Vehicle exhaust carbon monoxide and this is one of the reason why some people feel vomit sensation during travel.

funsack smoking kills

          Smokers are also responsible for non-smoker’s health. The people who don’t smoke but still get affected by it are called Ssecond-hand Smokers or Passive Smokers. When someone smokes cigarette, more than half of the smoke goes into the air where person standing or sitting nearby can breath it. Second hand smokers are more likely to get lung cancer as compared to active smokers and it is dangerous for heart and the whole breathing system. Kids are particularly at risk because their bodies are still growing and they breath at a faster rate than adults. In United state, around 3000 adults die because of lung cancer from second-hand smoke exposure.

Even if you don’t smoke in front of children or in public places, children and other people can still be exposed to second-hand smoke in the places like car, bus, parks, roads, malls, restaurant or might be near school, colleges who knows? Because, second-hand smoke is everywhere. According to the study from 1980 (74.5 million) to 2012 (110.2 million) the number of tobacco smokers had been risen quickly and it’s still rising year by year.  A Half of the population is addicted to tobacco products like gutkha, tobacco paste, chewing tobacco, cigar etc.

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We don’t understand all the medical terms but did you notice that all terms are saying”cancer’. This all are the main parts of  your body, you know you cannot breathe without your lungs then why are you destroying every inch of your body?  Just think yourself as a cancer patient, ask people who are suffering from cancer or who fought with cancer and then you will come to know.

Basically people who smoke cigarette don’t accept the fact that they are addicted to smoking. Tobacco carries a highly addictive drug nicotine and once your body gets the taste of it, it becomes a life-long addiction. It is similar to cocaine, heroin addiction.  Nicotine gives a person temporary feel of relaxation and relief while smoking but it directly affect your brain and nervous system. Smokers knows the side effects of smoking and it is injurious to health and about all those typical warning messages, but they are unwilling to change their habit. Accept the fact that you are addicted to smoking.

According to the study of Gulf medical university, 80 percent of the people in UAE won’t marry a smoker. I asked so many of my female friends if they would marry a guy who smokes cigarette, and they said ‘obviously No’. World famous English singer and song writer Adele quit smoking and she said,’It’s something I would’t be proud of, I saved my own life by quitting smoking’.  There is the list of celebrities who quit smoking.

Ask this questions to yourself and comment below your answers (maybe), Why do you smoke? Is there any valid or sensible reason for smoking?

You might be going through some serious issues like break-ups, financial problems, physical or social problems, anything that stress your mind or makes you depressed. But smoking is definitely not a solution to any of this problem, there are so many options to relieve the stress. Your parents care for you, don’t you want to see them happy? Youngsters of this generation definitely are not stupid or irresponsible, then why this addiction? Know your priorities and action expresses priorities. If your loved one is asking you to quit smoking, do it -and single people you can make it your new year resolution. 😀

Say NO to smoking.




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