Is it worth to buy iPhone 3G instead of 2GiPhone?

As the name defines Apple iPhone 2G is a first Generation mobile and 3G is a second Generation mobile. There are many mjaor differences between Apple iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G from which some are as follows:-

iPhone Design and Dimensions
Difference between iPhone2Gand iPhone3G
In spite of less differences in the exterior of these 2 iPhone models, we are going to point them out before we get to the hardware. In both the models display size is exactly same at 3.5″, this size is given for a sharp clear 480×320 screen resolution. The back of the original iPhone has a very smooth metal finish and bottom with a black strip. The front side of it has a glossy metal piece which surrounds the side of the iPhone and ends behind the screen. Seconds Generation 3G iPhone has a smooth piano black or white finish. It also has the glossy metal part around the outside of the screen. All the iPhone 3G buttons are made from a glossy metal, excluding the home button. This gives them a sturdier feel compared to its predecessor. The shape and dimension of the 3G iPhone is a major difference as the original 2iPhone is a little thicker and completely flat when it is layed down. The 3G iPhone has much round finish to flattens out slightly around the edges.

Apple iPhone 2G/3G Size and weight

Technical Specifications & Features

Once we start searching the iPhone reviews, we begin to seek where the iPhone 3G separates itself from it’s older brother. The iPhone 2G only supported WiFi, GSM, and Bluetooth. It means iPhone 2G speed of surfing the Internet were very limited. The iPhone 3G Launched 3G speeds to Apple’s flagship model, as well as it also supports WiFi, GSM, and Bluetooth. iPhone 3G is made for a better experience of surfing, watching online Youtube videos, and downloading data onto the phone from the Internet. The first generation iPhone supported the following frequencies GSM and Quad-Band
1900 MHz.

The iPhone 3G supports all of the above frequencies, but added to the list some more to enable running at 3G speeds, including UMTS/HSDPA 850, 1900, 2100 MHz. This second Generation iPhone 3G also supports GPS, which was not included in the first Generation.

Battery Life difference between Apple iPhone 2G and 3G
Both Apple phones have a 2Mega Pixel camera, but do not feature a video recorder. There is only a 0.1 ounce difference, iPhone 3G weighs 4.7 ounces compared to the 2G’s weight of 4.8 ounces . Drawback of 3G capabilities is that it eats into battery life.  The iPhone 2G beats out the latest version in that regard by providing more than 7 hours of talk-time compared to 5 hours with the 3G.

When we Compare these two generations phone it is always hard, but Apple made a great move by creating the 3G iPhone. The iPhone 2G is good, but with the features the 3G provides and the transition with new phones all moving to 3G, it’s a definite requirement if Apple wants to maintain its new status as the number 1 selling phone in the US. It is worth to upgrade your Apple iPhone from first generation to second generation.



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