I am Indian and Proud of Being Indian

Proud of Being Indian

Today, India is celebrating its 66th Republic Day; A day when “Constitution of India” came into force. Today, we are going to share some video’s which will make us proud of being Indian.

The Republic of India Then & Now

A video by “BeingIndian” interviewing People who have seen India’s first Republic Day..

I am Indian

I Am Indian, a video created by comedian Rajiv Satyal talks about being Indian and it will give you goosebumps.

Interesting Facts About India

These are some amazing facts about India and something to feel proud about.


Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Any proud moment for an Indian is not complete without Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Here is a glimpse of the speech he has given in European Assembly.

Funsack wishes everyone a “Happy Republic Day



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