Gulzariyaa-The Soul gripping words of Gulzar Saab.

Salgirah Mubarak Gulzar Saab.

The man who owns the heart of all the Indian writers turns 82 today. ‘Sampooran Singh Kalra’ popularly known by his pen name ‘Gulzar”.  He played the role of screenwriter, film director, lyricist, producer, poet and author in Hindi cinema. In 1999 he took retirement  from the work of director as he wanted to write all time.He says,Lafz dhoondne ke liye kaam toh roz karna padta hai” (one has to work daily in order to find the right words).

In one of his interview he said that, He used to read Mirza Asadullah Beg Khan popularly known as Mirza Ghalib and also Sir Muhammad Iqbal as known as the Allama IqbalThe poet of the east. After reading this legend’s writing he decided that he should start writing and so he started copying their writing style. He wrote his first shayari when he was in school as there was game of shayari writing in his (Urdu) school. He wrote someone else’s shayari and replaced few words just to show that the shayari is made by him, but someone got to know that he is cheating and corrected him. This incident bruised his ego and this is how he started writing his own shayaris.

Gulzar Sahab says,”I used to like Bengali people and their culture and so I started reading Tagore (Rabindranath Tagore) the person who reshaped Indian art and Bengali literature. I was affected by the magic of their culture. Then I spent some time with my guru Bimal Roy as I started my film career under his guidance“.

The entire generation has grown up listening his songs. The new literature form ‘Triveni‘ was initiated by Gulzar in mid 1960. In simple words Triveni is three lines poem, in which first two lines are complete in themselves but the third line gives a magical meaning to the whole poem. Very few people understand the meaning of Triveni.

Here are some of the sublime Triveni of Gulzar –

funsack.com_Gulzar triveni 1

funsack.com_Gulzar triveni 2

funsack.com_Gulzar triveni 3

funsack.com_Gulzar triveni 4

funsack.com_Gulzar triveni 5

Here are some artistry one liners of Gulzar-

funsack.com_Gulzar one liner 1

funsack.com_Gulzar one liner 2

funsack.com_Gulzar one liner 3

funsack.com_Gulzar one liner 4

and last but not the least here are some wonderful lyrics of songs written by Gulzar-

Gulzariyaa-The Soul gripping words of Gulzar. 1

Gulzariyaa-The Soul gripping words of Gulzar. 2

Gulzariyaa-The Soul gripping words of Gulzar. 3

Gulzariyaa-The Soul gripping words of Gulzar. 4

Gulzariyaa-The Soul gripping words of Gulzar. 5

Gulzariyaa-The Soul gripping words of Gulzar. 6

Gulzariyaa-The Soul gripping words of Gulzar. 7

There are so many shayaris, song lyrics and words written by him till now that it is impossible to summarize his work in one post.

He says,“Its a process to become a writer, you don’t turn into a writer over a night”.

On the special occasion of your birthday we would like to wish you a very happy birthday, we pray for even more happy, healthy, and fulfilling years to come.



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