FM Radio in iPhone and iPod Touch?

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iPhone and iPod two of the best gadgets in the human history – don’t get surprised it’s a fact. Reasons behind the success of iPhone and iPod was Apple’s top class branding, some the best features which are implied on the gadgets beautifully, in a manner so that not only the population that uses these gadgets but also who just heard about them or saw them on various advertisements round the world, became die-hard fans. If look at an iPod it’s a simple mp3 player just like other ones from Sony or Philips but if you go the other way and look it with the name Apple it’s not just iPod its iPod. Now swapping the market with iPhone and iPod. Apple want to swap the remaining market with some additional features to its gadgets one of them is adding FM Radio. They will start it two its hottest products iPhone and iPod Touch. According to a source the applications are rumored to operate in background, just like it did in Fifth generation iPod nano. Functions will be the same as they are on the iPod nano’s. One notable and important feature is that the application of FM Radio will be directly linked to the mobile iTune Store. So next time when you hear one of your favorite song on  the Radio on your iPhone or iPod, just link to the iTune Store and look for the information or download it. Both iPhone and iPod will receive the Radio signals via inbuilt transmitters. However initially for the iPod Radio will only be active only for the Nike + iPod.



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