Every Bearded Man should read this #noshavenovember

November is celebrated as “NoShaveNovember” where Men grow out lumberjack-like beards throughout the month to raise awareness for cancer. The campaign began is 2009 and now it became a movement/tradition in many places. Men who participate in this campaign saves the money which they are going to spend¬†for shaving to Cancer Societies.

Beard is the sign of being a man and it creates an image of dominating and manly personality. Even women like men with beards, most of the women says, “Bearded men are much more attractive than other men”. Beard indicates the maturity and confidence level of the man, and women tend to be attracted to older and confident men.

5 Health benefits of having a beard.

-Beards make you look older, but actually it keep you looking younger and smarter.

-Beards keep you warm in cold days and reduces skin dryness.

-It helps to prevent throat and gums infections from dust, pollen or bacteria as beards work as a filter. Most of the respiratory problems are prevented by keeping a beard.

-It prevents skin cancer, shaving the beard rid natural cells from the face and it can cause a skin cancer, and beards also block the UV rays from the sun and keeps your skin and throat safe.

– Beard reduces wrinkles and keeps your face skin from ageing and bad skin.

Only Bearded men will understand this –

You do this every now and then.
pamper gif

and this.
mustache gif
Because mustache is the soul of Beard.

When other guys who can’t grow the beard, talks sh*t about it.
funny. gif

When your mother argues over beard saying ‘how you looking like a homeless animal with the beard’.
ignore gif

But when your dad supports you and appreciates your look with the beard because ‘only man understands another man feelings’.
tell me more gif

You really hate it when people do this to your beard.
real or fake gif

When people think, you are growing the beard just to impress girls.
hahaa gif

You can’t sleep properly because –
can't sleep pic

it itches.
itch gif

When you try to eat your favourite food
food gif

And when your beard hair gets stuck in the zipper.
zip beard

But no matter what, you know you love your beard because¬†REAL MEN HAVE BEARDS’.
dancing gif



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