Cristiano Ronaldo suffers knee injury in EuroCup 2016 Final & Twitter Reaction

Euro Cup 2016 Final is going on between Portugal and France and for Portuguese fans it doesn’t seems to be going right so far as their Captain and star player “Cristiano Ronaldo” suffered from knee injury and out of field till the half time.  It seems that France came up with a game plan to attack Ronaldo as he got injured in the game thrice and leave him off field. Below are the time lines:-

  1. 8th Minute: Ronaldo collided with France’s Dimitri Payet causing the first injury for Ronaldo in the game.
  2. 16th Minute: Ronaldo faces second injury and physios were called to have a look, this time Ronaldo was in tears.. Portuguese fans cheering up for him and team.

    Cristiano Ronaldo suffers knee injury in EuroCup 2016
  3. 25th Minute: One attempted sprint and Ronaldo signals that it’s all over.. stretcher was called by the referee and he left the field with wet eyes.


Ronaldo’s Mom Tweeted: “I can not see it this way my son. The game is to kick the ball and not to hurt the opponent.


After Ronaldo’s exit here’s how Fans reacted on twitter


France attack didn’t stopped here.. two more players from Portuguese team got minor injuries as well…

Let the best team win.




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