Cricket will never be the same again

Sachin Tendulkar : Cricket will never be the same again..

Everyone in India is ready to say bye to their dearest Indian, Sachin Tendulkar. Yes, he is Indian and today every Indian feel proud as he is one of us. Anjali Tendulkar on Sachin’s retirement says that he belongs to Mumbai, the country and then to the family.  In India you go anywhere and there may not be a clinic or school but there will be a bat and ball, and it’s just because of Sachin. For us Cricket means Sachin and vice-a-versa.

Proud of you Sachin..

He has been honoured with so many awards in his career. But I think he is one of the awards and Gems God has given to India. He is a festival which we celebrate when he comes on field with his bat. You can find him everywhere, on television, radio, on t-shirts of youth, on posters even on the postage stamps of India and off course in everyone’s heart.


He is benchmark to everyone in every industry. We can say he is similar word to success. If you want to say I want to be successful person in my company, you also can say I want to be Sachin Tendulkar of my company.

Being such a wonderful player, even today he has down to earth personality and says ‘I am a normal person who plays cricket and I am nothing more than that.’ It took so much patience to get where he is.

But we know Cricket will never be the same again for Indians. Could there ever be another like him?

You will get players who break his records. But you will never get the calibre of Sachin.

In this country (doesn’t matter where you go), you may not be locate a clinic or a school, but you will find a bat, ball and the Name “Sachin”. That’s the magic of THE “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar”.


Cricket will never be the same again.

We wish him Good luck for the new Innings he is going to play after Wankhede Test….



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