selfie disorder

Are you a selfie obsessed? Here is something for you

Are you a selfie obsessed or Suffering from Selfie Disorder?

You are so obsessed with yourself that you click selfies every now and then?

It’s okay to click a picture of yourself if you are trying out a new outfit or visiting a new place but if you are clicking your own hundreds of pictures on daily basis then be aware. You might be suffering from selfie disorder.

Yes, your heavy obsession with your social media profiles can make you mentally ill. As most of the people post their selfies on each social media sites on daily basis and Clicking selfies becomes a part of their daily routine and they tell the whole world what are they up to through their selfie clicks.

Any type of addiction is bad and psychiatrists now consider selfie addiction is a mental illness or brain disease. The American Psychiatric Association named this disorder as ‘selfitis’. People gets so obsessed with their own beauty that if perfect shot of selfie fails then they become so frustrated that they click hundreds of selfies to get one good picture and that is when this disorder takes place in someone’s brain.

It’s normal to click your own picture if you are in party or in special occasion and everyone does it because that is when people are supposed to click their pictures but it becomes an issue when people start doing it each day and they wants to update everything about their ownself on social media. These selfie trend is becoming a new fashion now a days, its like a  how many different types of selfies you post and how many likes or followers you get. Some people try out everything or post all related stuff of people whom they are following for e.g. celebrities or well known personalities and people try to imitate their lifestyle unknowingly. Selfie addict people never accept the fact that they have this type of disorder because it’s a mental disease which they can’t see.

Basically selfie addiction is one of the part of social media addiction and mobile phones addiction, as you can see all three things are alternatively connected with each other. This all started when smartphone with front camera came in the market and therefore number of selfie apps also started increasing. There are some selfie apps that provides different types of effects that changes your skin tone and so don’t judge anyone by their selfies because there is a possibility that it can be a lie.

Sometimes people get so much addicted to their selfies that they don’t even realize where they are standing and what is happening around them. There are some cases of accidents while taking selfies. One of the case was The Puerto Rican rapper ‘Ramon Gonzalez’ who died after taking a selfie while riding his motorcycle , he was snapping a selfie while driving his motorcycle and ended up hitting another vehicle on road.

selfie disorder

Another famous case where a man was kicked by the railway driver while he was taking his selfie near railway track. Please see the below video  which went viral on internet

Selfie disorder can become a trait in your personal life too. Because of this mental illness people becomes selfish and ignorant and that can affect your relationship with others. It can also cause low self esteem and also decrease your confidence level in future. Be aware now because nobody will forget what you look like if you stop posting your selfies on social media sites each and every day



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