9 reason why you should date a Cat person.

Anyone can be a cat lover but you need super powers to be a cat person. Remember, there is a difference between being a cat lover and actually having a cat. Most of the people don’t like cats simply because cats don’t give a fcuk about anyone, yes you read that right. You just can’t impress a cat by feeding him/her, dogs are better in this case because once you feed them they will remember you till the last breath. Well, I am both dog and cat lover (basically an animal lover) there is not much difference between cat’s and dog’s behaviour but as I said, cats don’t give a damn about your presence unless you have some food or toy in your hand. No, they aren’t selfish, what they think is ‘if you want to feed me, you can and if you want to pat me or love me, you can.. but don’t expect anything in return just do it and get lost’. Yes, this is how they are. So here are some good reasons of dating a cat person-


Well, yes there are so many responsibilities when you have a cat. Cat owners know their responsibilities better than anyone else, like when to feed a cat? what to say in front of guests when your cat does exactly opposite of what you taught them and embarrass you 😀 Basically cat owner are solely responsible for owning a cat. They just know when to do what, to keep a cat happy because nothing else matters.

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Rest of the things doesn’t matter but loyalty matters. Cat people are more tend to be loyal than normal people. And men who are obsessed with their cats are more loyal to their partner as compared to other men. It’s better to chase and keep one person than chasing each and every person around you.

funsack cat 4


You just cannot argue over this point. If you don’t feed a cat they can hunt for themselves and if your cat loves you then you will also get a chance to taste some rat or bird meat. Cat people will never take you for granted and they expect the same from their partner. They understand your privacy and independence as they get none because of their cat. :p

funsack cat 7


It’s just doesn’t make sense for you? But this is the truth, cat people find so many different ways to impress their cat. Like how to make a door for an empty box? 🙂 so creative, I know.

funsack cat 2

No need of gifts.

You don’t need diamond rings, flowers, dinner dates or whatever to impress a cat person. Cat people are more likely to behave like a cat and so fancy things or costly gift- no need of all this stuffs. But if a cat person really likes you then he/she will do anything to make you happy as they do for their cats. (Sometimes cat brings dead little animals to home, because they love their owners and the idea behind bringing a dead animal is that they think ‘this is my food but I am sharing it with you because I love you’.) If a cat person likes you then you might get a surprise or unexpected gifts from them anytime. But if you want to surprise them, then just buy some toys or gift them some empty boxes for their cat and, I swear this cat person will never leave you.

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Cat people are actually understanding and they don’t need to prove this to anyone. It becomes a habit for them to understand all situations and mood swings. Even if you are a moody person they will handle all your moods and never complains. For them, this all are normal things as they are used to all this things because of their cats obviously.

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Cat people just know how to share everything. Actually they don’t compromise things for you but they share their everything like from their favourite blanket or pillow to phone charger, earphones and all types of wires. Yes they do, trust me. 😀

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Best partner.

Cat people don’t treat their cat as a pet also cats don’t treat their owner as an owner, they are each other’s partners. And so, Cat people are the best partners. If a person is loyal, understand you, respect your privacy and always try to make you happy then what else you expecting from your partner.

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Image source- CATGIFS.ORG


And last but not the least Cats are the best examples of sarcastic behaviour and so are cat people. Cats always behave like they don’t care or ‘fcuk this-fcuk that’ type but you know what? they actually don’t care. Remember grumpy cat? cats are like that only, not all the time but most of the time. Just observe their body language and expression and you will come to know. Cat people are same like cats because if you have a sh*tty cat it’s probably because you are a sh*tty person. Cat people are sarcastic because they understand sarcasm and you just cannot impress a cat person if you have no sense of sarcasm.

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But remember that the priority of a cat person will always be a cat so don’t ever compare yourself to their cat.

‘Yaar apni jagah, pyaar apni jagah’ 😀








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