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8 things you will relate to if you are a Delhi girl

Delhi is a capital of India. North-India is specially known for delhi-people, their food and habbits. Here are the 8 things every Delhi girl relate to.


You bargain with ‘autowalas’.


Bargaining is not a big deal if you are buying clothes or groceries but Delhi girls will even bargain with autowala bhaiyas, no matter what. Like seriously.

Last ‘Golgappa’ and free ‘papdi.


Indians may call it ‘panipuri’ but for Delhi people it is ‘golgappa’ and last golgappa or papdi is as special as desert, because you get it for free.

fashion and shopping.



This both things matters alot. Each and every girl knows about ‘Sarojini’ and ‘Janpath’ and ‘Dilli haat’ is always ready with full of colours for traditional and ethnic stuff. Even if you don’t have money to buy something, you always go for a window shopping.

Especial Hindi.


You always use words like ‘shaadi-waadi’, ‘kabbab-shabaab’, ‘daaru-shaaru’.

Patent dialogues.


‘Oye Teri’, ‘ainwayi’,by god’, ‘haanji’ are the patent dialogues of Delhi people. In other parts of India you never get to listen this words and even if you do, then for sure that person is from Delhi.

Marriage and Dance.



Delhi people celebrate marriages like festivals, and dance is the most important part in any occasion like sangeet, Mehendi, Shaadi and baarat.

Street food.


You just can’t live without street food. Everyone knows the ‘paranthe wali gali’, ‘kulcha king and khandani pakode wala’ opposite to each other and also ‘shree balaji chaat bhandar and lal babu chaat bhandar’. But if you want to try all Indian dishes like ‘special Punjabi chaat or south Indian dishes’ then you must visit ‘dilli haat’.





‘baki kuch ho na ho, delhi ki ladkiyo mein attitude jarur hota hai‘ relate to this? Every guy in Delhi thinks that Delhi girls are full of attitude.

Attitude Q nahi hoga bhai, Dilwalonki Delhi se hai hum.



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