5 Reasons why women love Bearded Man

5 Reasons why women love Bearded Man

Beards are the total game changer, it can easily take you from a ‘cute boy’ to a ‘MAN’. Beard is the first thing a person will notice, it is a symbol of wisdom and manhood. Women keeps men who doesn’t have beards in their ‘friend list’ and Bearded men in their special list. According to science, ‘ men with beards are healthier’ and according to women, ‘ men with beards are sexier’ 😀 

Here are five reasons why women prefer bearded men over a cute guy.


batman gif

Beard is the sign of manliness and women likes men who actually looks like a MAN.

It makes them look strong and mature.


Women really appreciate it when men behaves with maturity and shows how strong they are (at least in public.)

Men with beards are absolute hotness.

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Yes, bearded men are hotter than other men who doesn’t have beards. Beards make your jawline game more stronger and longer.

‘Beard tickle’ feels great.

beard man with cat

Most of the women says beard tickle feels great and also it makes them feel that they are with a REAL MAN

Women likes ‘Rough and Tough’ look.

rough and tough gif

Women always wants to feel safe when they are with their man, and bearded men with tough look plays this role better than anyone else.

So, take care of your beards because, with great beards comes great responsibilities’.



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