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13 Types of Friends Everyone has in their group

We all have different types of friends in our friend circle. Each friend plays an important role at different levels in our life. Our circle never gets completely complete without these friends. 

1. Guy/girl Best friend.

That one crazy guy/girl best friend with whom you share almost everything. You both tease each other like siblings, fight like partners and support each other like lawyers. Having a best friend of an opposite gender is the best thing ever because there is no jealousy or competition and all you can do is sit back and judge each person in the universe. You know about each other too much that sometimes other people even asks you if you guys are dating each other.


2. Weird Friend.

That one weird friend who always do all the weird stuff that sometimes you even ask yourself ‘how we became friends and what I am doing with this idiot?’. But no matter what they do, we always love them because they are real sweethearts. They never lie to hurt anyone and they never fake their personality.


3. Hardcore Gamer friend.

This person spends half of his life playing video games and other half talking about video games and he never get enough time to do anything like eating, bathing and even brushing. We only get a chance to see them either in front of Computer or in a Cybercafe.


4. Footballer friend.

A Footballer friend is basically that one friend who worship ‘Football players or Football clubs’. This person always talks about football and has bags, key chains, bands and all the stuff with football related prints. They will never pick up your call or reply to your text while watching a live football match and ‘I have a match today’ is the best excuse they use to avoid people.

fb match

5. Selfi-esh Friend.

This friend is always ready to take selfies. You just can’t click your own single selfie when this friend is there with you. If you are with them then there is no personal space to click your own picture because they run like ninja whenever you hold your phone in front of you to take a selfie.


6. Philosopher friend.

That one friend who always inspires you and helps you in your ups and downs. This friend talks about logic, life, deep love, society, humanity and all the stuff that we don’t even notice. Sometimes we get so irritated because of their lectures but we love them because we know they are the one who were, are and will be there for you always and forever.

bf 3

7. Foodie friend.

This friend gets hungry every now and then. When they come to your home, they ask for food instead of wi-fi password.


8. Late current friend.

This friend never gets any type of adult jokes. They take forever to understand what is really happening around them. But we love them because they are innocent one and real fun.


9. Animal lover friend.

That one friend who love animals more than any human being. They always touch street animals and we hate them just because they never wash their hand after touching those dirty animals.

animal lover

10. Dirty minded friend.

The sense of humor of this friend is so high that we think 10 times before saying anything. They find double meaning almost in everything. This friend makes everyone laugh with their comments.


11. Sci Fi friend.

The sci-fi friend always talks about technology, space, universe and aliens. This friend never gets emotional because he always gets only technological.

sci fi

12. Reporter friend.

Ask this friend about anything and you will get all the information with details because this person knows the past, present and future of the universe. Nobody knows how they collect all the information and we always tell them ‘you should work as a reporter’.

reporter gif

3. Innocent liar Friend.

This friend can’t keep any secrets and they always end up sharing secrets with another person. Never trust them when they say ‘I won’t tell anyone’ because this is just a lie they always tell people. But no matter what, we know they don’t do it purposely and we end up sharing all our secrets because we really love them.


No matter what type of friend they are, we love them and need them in our life. Because, Friends make your life worth living.




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Prajakta is pursuing her Masters in Electronic Media from Mumbai University. She is an extreme animal lover and enthusiastic about drawing, writing and photography. You can check her drawing's & photography at Instagram or contact/follow her on Twitter.

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