10 years of Jab We Met

10 years of Jab We Met

26 October 2007, on this date, exactly 10 years ago Imtiaz Ali came up with an outstanding story of a chatterbox ‘Geet’ and a depressed wealthy industrialist ‘Aditya Kashyap’. It was Imtiaz Ali’s first box office success. The film was full of enthusiasm, humor and love. Yes, we are talking about all-time favorite movie Jab we met.  Today the film completes 10 years of its release, and even after 10 years Jab We Met remains one of the popular romantic films in Bollywood.

The film won so many awards including the National award for Best Female Playback Singer (Shreya Ghoshal) and Best Choreography (Saroj Khan) for the song ‘yeh ishq haaye’.

In an interview with one of the media sources, Imtiaz Ali reveals so many secrets about the film Jab we met.  He said, “Bobby Deol was supposed to do Jab We Met but there were bigger directors approaching him at that time, so he told me to do Jab We Met later. As a result, the film never really happened at that time. Jab We Met came back when I met Shahid.”

Talking about the lead actors Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, Imtiaz Ali said, “I wanted a girl who could look natural in scenes where she misses the train. She had to be without makeup, someone who could be hyper, talkative and interesting but not irritating. I was never a fan of Kareena and hadn’t seen too many of her flicks, but I just knew Kareena was perfect as Geet. On the other hand, when I met Shahid, I realized he wasn’t the forgettable actor that he comes across in several of his movies. He has gone through a lot in life and that maturity had never been brought out. He was perfect for the role of a young, mature, quiet guy.”

Jab we met gave us some beautiful memories. Dialogues and expressions of all the characters were full of humor and ultimately hit and even after 10 years, people remember the film as one of the classic movies of Bollywood.

Let’s go a bit into the past and experience it again.

Do you remember Hotel Decent 😀


Most popular dialogue of the movie..

The moment when Geet misses the train again


Koi Doubt mat rakhna..

The way she said.. her expressions.. Just Imagine 🙂



The most favorite dialogue of all the girls.. 😀


And Bechara Anshuman..


Muft Muft Muft


Finally most popular scene of Jab we met


You can post your favorite dialogues and scenes of this movie in the comment box.



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