10 bollywood Antakshari songs only 90’s kids will understand.

10 Bollywood Antakshari songs only 90’s kids will understand.


Gone are the days when we used to play Antakshari. We neither cared about our voice nor lyrics. Today’s kids will never understand the struggle of remembering the songs. The golden era has ended? Lol nah, We will never get bored of the antakshari and Yes we ‘The 90’s kids’ are still obsessed with this game.

And the rules were so simple like

-Songs have to be started from the last sound of the previous song.

-No song can be repeated again in the game.

-And a singer must know atleast one paragraph with the correct lyrics and If the singer does not remember it in entirety, they cannot use the song. (we never really followed this rule 😀 )

This is how we used to start  ‘baithe baithe kya kare? karna hai kuch kam. Shuru kare antakshari, leke prabhu ka naam’ and this are the most popular songs (I will pick up some random alphabates too :p)

M- Maiyaa Yashoda yeh tera kanhaiya… was the most popular songs from the movie ‘Hum saath saath hai-1999’ and some of us even had danced on this song during puja or school functions wearing sharara suits or chaniya cholis.  😀

funsack 1


S- Saat samunder paar main tere… was most famous song from the movie ‘Vishwatma-1992’ and  Recently one of the cadbury dairy milk ad used this song in their ad. See, evergreen.. I told you. B-)

funsack 2


I- imli ka boota, beri ka ped.. the song from the movie ‘Saudagar-1991’ used to remind me about imli. Most of us didn’t know the meaning of boota and guess what? most of us still don’t know the meaning of it. 😀

funsack 3


R- Ramaiyaa vastavaiya… this is one of the old song fro the movie ‘Shree 420- 1955’ We used to sing till ‘maine dil tujhko diya, maine dil tujhko diya’ (stop singing). Here is the video of this beautiful song. Old is gold as always.


Y- Yamma yamma..yamma yamma ye khubsurat sama the song full of energy from the movie ‘Shaan-1980’. And ‘bas aaj ki raat hai zindagi, kal hum kaha tum kaha’ reminds me about all the old days, picnic nights, friends stay overs. #Thosedays :’)

funsack 6


H- Hawa hawa aye hawa..khushboo luta de. (get up and dance). Pure bollywood dance and Nostalgic song!! I grew up with this. This song had several unofficial remakes. The song is originally sung by a pakistani artist Hasan Jehangir and people says this song is inspired by the Iranian classic “Havar Havar”.

(Back up plan for H= hamma..hammaaa from the movie “Bombay-1995′ 😀 )

D- Dum maaro dum.. one of the evergreen song from the movie ‘Hare rama hare krishna-1971′. The remake of this song starring Dipika Padukone wasn’t bad but the original is better than the remake. Another famous song from this movie was “Phulonka taaronka sabka kehna hai’.

funsack 4


TH- Thande thande paani se nahana chahiye… the one and only song from the letter ‘TH’.  The song is from the movie ‘Pati patni aur wo-1978’ There is no replacement for this song.

funsack 5


E- ek do teen… song from the movie ‘Tezaab-1988’. Some people used to sing this song like ‘ding dang ding’ and this was one of the superhit song of Madhuri Dixit.



T- Tan tana tan.. tan tan taara the famous energetic song starring most energetic persons Salman khan and karishma kapoor from the movie ‘Judwaa-1997’.

funsack 8

Even 80’s kids will understand this and I have missed so many songs but share your favourite songs in comment. Revisit those memories. 🙂






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